Redmi Note 7 pro in 2020

So its been a year already since the Redmi Note 7 Pro launched but doesn’t it feel like its been ages already? Well with all the hype the Redmi Note 9 series has been creating in the market right now, what should the people using the Redmi Note 7 Pro do?.The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro will go down in history for being the first to offer a whopping 48MP camera for under Rs 15,000. But while the camera isn’t all that good when shooting in native 48MP, the Note 7 Pro does an excellent job in taking sharp and details photos at 12MP resolution thanks to the half-inch sensor. But leave the camera aside, and there’s still a lot to talk about the Redmi Note 7 Pro, with the performance setting a new benchmark and the phone itself getting a much-needed design makeover. Read the detailed review to learn more about how the Redmi Note 7 Pro fares among its peers.

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