Supercars In Mumbai | Republic Day Ride |2020

In this video you will get to see all the lavish supercars of mumbai which attended republic day event hosted by throttle 97 some of the most iconic exotic cars were spotted..!Hope you guys like it..!

While the norm for celebrating Republic Day is to listed to the radio blaring out patriotic tunes and hoisting a flag in your local area or colony, petrolheads like to take advantage of the relatively empty roads and celebrate differently. And that is exactly what Mumbai based Throttle97, a supercar and super saloon car group did with a massive supercar drive.

Hosting over 120 cars with a total horsepower figure of well over 50,000 bhp at play, the owners braved the pouring rain, slippery and broken roads and of course, an early holiday morning to take their beautiful beauties out on a drive that left passerbys shellshocked.

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